K9 Dark

 Product Code 


 Product Name

 K9 Dark


 Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Vegetable Fat, Emulsifier : Lecithin, Vanilla Flavor

 Physical and Chemical Characteristics :




 Up to Standard

 Fat Content (%)  

 32 max. 

 Sugar Content (%) 

 48 max. 

 Moisture (%) 

 5.0 max. 

 Microbiological Characteristics :

 Total Plate Count / g 

 5,000 max. 

 Yeast & Mold / g  

 50 max. 

 Enterobacteriaceae / g 


 Coliforms / g


 E.coli / g 





Temperature: 28-30°C, RH: < 70% in clean, dry, well ventilated storage, away from sunlight and free from strong odors.

24 months, started from date of manufacture, keeping in original packaging and under optimum storage conditions.

12 x 1 kg in metalized plastic in a box 

These specifications apply to an average sample covering the goods when they leave the production plant. They are analyzed based on the methods of analysis as described in Indonesian National Standardization (SNI) and AOAC.

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